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Where We Work

Where We Work

Heros Carpet cleaning is the best carpet cleaning company in the UK. We serve services at this location in Greater Manchester in the North West of England and the suburbs in the Manchester City Centre area.

We aim to meet your expectations through the best textile cleaning process on the market. We combine high-quality cleaning and quick drying with the use of the highest technology in this area. Professionals provide our services with the necessary specific training to treat even the most complicated textiles, especially Sofas and Carpets, with the greatest possible care. Our range of high-quality cleaning services allows you to find a solution to restore beauty and enhance the value of your Sofas, Chairs, Rugs, Carpets, Curtains, and other textiles. All for an affordable price!

Heros Carpet cleaning offers various services such as cleaning, restoration of sofas, and carpets. Our customers are Individuals, Companies, Hotels, Theaters, and others.

This service is done at home (residence or company); after contracting the services, we send the scheduled day and time on site and the technicians to perform the services using a high-speed polishing machine to make the brushing and then using an extraction machine that, rinse off all excess moisture, provides complete drying in 24 hours.

Located in Greater Manchester in the North West of England and the suburbs in the Manchester City Centre area, it strives for customer service and satisfaction. Our waterproofing agent is odourless water-based; just specify which service you want, we pass the budget on time. Every service is scheduled. We strictly adhere to our schedules. We have a vast register of customers for those who want references from our services, and we work with the most modern extraction and suction machines without making dirt in the place. Our service is personalised, call, and check.

Heros Carpet Cleaning provides its customers with a cleaning service through the extractive system, promoting very effective cleaning and hygiene. As it is a simultaneous suction system, there is no soaking of the upholstery during washing, thus enabling a quick-drying and without producing the unpleasant odours that usually occur in the washing by the traditional method. 

The rug is a beautiful piece of decoration in homes and businesses. It leaves the atmosphere more cosy, sophisticated, and depending on the origin, it is considered a LUXURY piece.Still, they are barely measured in the house’s cleaning schedule, and some people don’t even realise that washing it is as important as harmonising it with the decor. In addition to everyday dirt, carpets accumulate dust, mites, and bacteria, stimulating various allergies and respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to clean three times a year.

With years of activity, Heros Carpet Cleaning is a company of quality and prestige in interior decoration, a confection of clothes, and curtains, among others, ready to create the perfect combination between customer satisfaction, comfort, and quality. We provide a personalised service, with total convenience and specialised service that leads us to maintain and guarantee satisfaction, responding more accurately to the demands of those who seek us.

With priorities for our customers’ satisfaction, we work with passion, perspicacity, proximity, and a lot of dedication, offering the complete answer to your desires for comfort. Our team is composed of professionals with specialised and proven experience. The knowledge acquired and the constant updating of trends combine to provide you with the best solutions to decorate and equip your space. We go to the site, analyse the customer’s needs, and make free quotes. For your comfort and your desires, please don’t wait any longer to get to know us!

Carpets contribute a lot to the decoration of a home. Like upholstery and carpets, the carpet acts as an air filter in your home, absorbing many dirt, bacteria, fungi, and mites. We value every detail of your carpet with great care, especially with the removal of dirt, thus contributing to better air quality in your home.

Most people believe that their carpet remains clean for a long time after receiving a significant amount of bacteria and germs. Do you still think your carpet is clean? Think again. The fact is that a clean carpet involves much more than the naked eye can see. A carpet that has not been cleaned for a long time can be a danger to your health, children, and pets. Whether you want to admit it or not, a dirty rug can be harmful to the whole family’s health.

The Heros Carpet Cleaning is a UK company established from experience and strict quality standards of Greater Manchester in the North West of England cleaning market. For this to happen, we constantly participate in the main international events in the cleaning sector, developing partnerships in the UK and abroad to manufacture machinery and products that are a reference for innovation in the world. Our goal is to offer a service of absolute quality, performed by experienced professionals who like what they do and committed to customers and the company. Our technicians are constantly trained and evaluated at the company’s headquarters. We are convinced that the satisfaction of a well-performed service is not limited only to those who hire but also to those who perform it.


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We are very satisfied with how clean our office carpets are by Heros cleaning services. We have never had such a positive cleaning team around the office, especially with our previous office cleaners.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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