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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are a commercial carpet cleaning company of offices in the Greater Manchester area. We concentrate on removing stubborn stains created by your staff members and visitors to your property, like coffee, tea and drink spillages. First of all, we need to thoroughly clean the carpet to remove any dry soil. Vacuuming should be performed East to West as well as North to South. We then apply a pre-spray to break up the grease and oils present in the carpet.

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Office Carpet Cleaning

While cleaning, a little agitation greatly improves the effectiveness of applying pre-spray. Now that the oils and grease have turned to liquid, we need to rinse out the stain and remove any cleaning solutions from the carpet. Getting the carpet dry quickly will prevent any staining wicking to the surface from deep in the carpet. We use air movers to help with the drying process The whole area has been cleaned. The carpet is clean and all the stains have been removed.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning

If you’re looking for a professional commercial office carpet cleaning service in the city, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been restoring floors throughout the local area for generations and are experts at commercial carpet cleaning for business. We are accredited carpet floor cleaners for commercial and industrial companies and we specialise in carpet floor restoration and maintenance floor cleaning of every description.

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Exceptional commercial carpet cleaning is our watch-word when it comes to cleaning our client’s office or business carpets and perfection is always the goal. That is why we have a nine-step cleaning process to make sure that every step is taken to remove all stains from your carpets!

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