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Carpet Cleaning In Manchester, UK

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Carpet Cleaning In Manchester

As a professional carpet cleaning company in Manchester, we have procedures to follow! First, we measure, inspect, and ID the carpet type and pile fibre that we are working with at your home or business.

While inspecting we document and record any problems, stains or damage for our personal records and the homeowners. We then test for dye transfer and ph test the carpet at your property in Manchester before cleaning any carpets. So as to ensure we use the proper cleaning and products for this specific job at hand.

Carpets can be regularly maintained by the homeowner using a standard household vacuum. However, deeply embedded soils, sand and grit that can permanently damage and detract from the lustre of your rug are often left behind. This is why we employ our high impact dusting system which ensures the removal of these hidden soils before we even attempt to clean the carpet.

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Carpet cleaning in Manchester has been popular for decades. In fact, it is becoming even more popular with every passing year. The reason for this is both visibility and professionalism. Companies like ours have well trained and professional staff alongside amazingly powerful machinery that extracts and clean, while also leaving carpets drying faster than ever! It is this multi-faceted approach that entices customers to try carpet cleaning at their home in the first place and once they have tried it, they soon re-book regularly to have their carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaned again because they are so impressed with the results and also the fast drying time.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Manchester, UK

We are a commercial carpet cleaning company of offices in the Greater Manchester area. We concentrate on removing stubborn stains created by your staff members and visitors to your property, like coffee, tea and drink spillages. First of all, we need to thoroughly clean the carpet to remove any dry soil. Vacuuming should be performed East to West as well as North to South. We then apply a pre-spray to break up the grease and oils present in the carpet.

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Office Carpet Cleaning in Manchester, UK

While cleaning, a little agitation greatly improves the effectiveness of applying pre-spray. Now that the oils and grease have turned to liquid, we need to rinse out the stain and remove any cleaning solutions from the carpet. Getting the carpet dry quickly will prevent any staining wicking to the surface from deep in the carpet. We use air movers to help with the drying process The whole area has been cleaned. The carpet is clean and all the stains have been removed.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning in Manchester, UK

If you’re looking for a professional commercial office carpet cleaning service in the city, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been restoring floors throughout the local area for generations and are experts at commercial carpet cleaning for business. We are accredited carpet floor cleaners for commercial and industrial companies and we specialise in carpet floor restoration and maintenance floor cleaning of every description.

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Upholstery Cleaners in Manchester, UK

If your like most people, you eat and drink sitting on your furniture, and accidents happen, when and if they do, you need a professional company to come and clean your upholstery sofas or settees. We want you to be ABSOLUTELY delighted with the upholstery cleaning that we do. Every job comes with an Iron-Clad Risk-free Guarantee! What does this mean? SIMPLY THIS: SATISFACTION – We will clean and restore furnishings to their nearest obtainable level of original colour and condition. The job is not complete until you are satisfied!

Sofa & Suite Cleaning in Manchester, UK

We believe in our exceptional upholstery cleaning service for sofas and suites and also in each of our technician’s ability. So relax, we gladly accept responsibility for your furnishings while we are a guest in your home and will clean them to the best of our ability.

We clean all types of upholstery including L-shaped and corner sofas. Our machines inject water at just the right temperature to clean and refresh upholstery fabric, releasing staining and ingrained dirt!

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Upholstery Cleaning Service in Manchester, UK

When you the stain removal process of a professional upholstery steam cleaning service, you will see the difference for yourself. We provide eco-friendly upholstery cleaning services that is friendly to pets and children. Take a look at the difference we can make to your beloved fabric upholstery furniture. Head grease, dirt, soil, stains, oil, dust, grit, bacteria and dust mites can be removed when cleaning your sofa and we also use powerful air-dryers to help aid quick drying of your settee or chairs at your home.

Rug Cleaning Experts in Manchester, UK

Thank you for visiting our website. If you’re looking for a rug cleaner to leave you with cleaner brighter and fresh smelling rugs again
you’ve come to the right place. We have been in the rug cleaning industry in Greater Manchester for generations. As well as delivering a great rug cleaning service, we believe it’s important you know who’s coming to your property before they arrive and who’s handling your rugs. That is why we only employ trustworthy staff who go through rigorous safety checks before coming to your home.

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Affordable Rugs Cleaners in Manchester, UK

Now we have to be honest, we’re not going to be the cheapest rug cleaning company that you could contact but if the quality of
workmanship and the service is more important than just a cheap price you’ll see we have thousands of delighted clients in the area. Our services are affordable and not cheap but customers always say that we are value for money and no other rug cleaning company comes close!

Rug Cleaning Service in Manchester, UK

Now, not all rug cleaning services are the same. You can see details of how we restore and pamper your rugs on this web-page so please take a moment to have a look at that and see how will look after your rug. Now many cleaners offering a rug cleaning service will clean your rug in your home. This is fine and something we can often do, but it’s often the cheapest way that you can get your rug cleaned and they often do that as they have no facilities to clean your rug.

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Heros CarpetClean Manchester is a carpet and rug cleaning company that strives to be one of the best carpet cleaning services in the City! As a professional carpet cleaning company, our mission is to provide our clients with the most positive and outstanding carpet cleaning service experience ever!

Our clients can expect to be working with the best. Whether you need carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning, rug cleaning, urine carpet extraction, flood extraction or pet mess clean up of your carpets or rugs, we are the company to call.

Whether it is pet odour removal or carpet stain cleaning, we’d love to come out and give you a complete, free estimate. In fact, we can normally give you a quotation over the phone.

We work with both residential and commercial clients. And, to prove we can offer the best service possible we want to offer you a special offer! Our special offer discounts are available each month so give us a call and ask if we have any discounted deals available.

There is an advantage of being a small carpet cleaning company in Manchester. We can get the client personalised attention, which you don’t really get with a big carpet cleaning company. They tend to treat you more like a number, we treat you like real people!

We try to customise a client’s carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning program by first finding out what is the client’s needs and then adapt our program to their needs. Carpet cleanliness is not only about the dirt you do see, but the dirt you don’t see.

According to research, some carpets, rugs or flooring can be dirtier than a toilet seat! We properly sanitise all of those areas of a carpet pile, which by the way we call hot-spots. Usually traffic areas in hallways and in front of sofas.

Our approach with carpet cleaning products is using non-toxic, safe for the environment cleaning products and cleansers. Green products are just as efficient as the commercial-grade carpet cleaning products.

We have constant conversations with our staff members and they’re trained to our high exacting standards on how a carpet should be cleaned, so they know what they need to do when carried out by themselves. This is why you should hire our professional carpet and rug cleaning service with that personal and professional touch!

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Rug Cleaning in Manchester, UK

Rug cleaning is becoming increasingly popular in Manchester. Rugs can hold many types of nasties or grime and need regular deep cleaning.

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Upholstery Cleaning in Manchester, UK

We are professional upholstery cleaners and offer cleaning of sofas, suites and chairs at your home or business. Couches and settees cleaned.

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Contact us at any time for a free quotation, survey or just some general information on our carpet cleaning service in Manchester!

Cleaner Carpets in Manchester, UK

We pre-spot the stain areas of your carpets unlike some companies to help removal And if pet stains are an issue, this is when we neutralise and flush out the invisible urine salts that are often laid deep in the carpet fibres. Once all the spots have been treated, it is time for hot water extraction of the carpet flooring. Utilising a special blend of our custom made solutions, we agitate the carpet fibres while deep cleaning and extracting out the wastewater from the carpet pile at the same time!

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Vehicle Seat Shampoo!

When it comes to cleaning vehicle upholstery chairs, seating or carpets, our triple planetary rotary machine ensures a thorough deep scrubbing that is simply unparalleled by other consumer-grade machines used by our competitors!

After that procedure, we perform a hot water vacuum and rinse. By this step, any soils that may have arrived with your fabric are long gone and our follow up grooming process ensures that any upholstery benefits greatly from all the fibres standing tall, providing a deep universal dry clean.

After drying we offer an optional Scotch-guard fabric protection and conditioning process that helps protect against future topical damage from stains.

And the final step of our fabric upholstery cleaning service in Manchester, is that we apply a deodorisation process to give you great smelling upholstery again!

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Customers are always happy with the work we carry out to clean their carpets in Manchester!

Great Prices

Affordability is very important to us and that is why we always have special offers available.


Most of our carpet cleaning customers in Manchester are recommended to us.


The environment is very important to us so we only use pet & child safe cleaning solutions.

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Professional Carpet Cleaners in Manchester

Customer Care

A customer service question might be… “Describe what customer service means to you.”

This means that you’ve looked into customer service and you understand what it means and how important it is from a customer perspective. So, here’s our answer, “Describe what customer service means to you.” “Customer service can literally make or break a business. Therefore, we fully understand how important it is for a business and its clients to not only flourish but to stay at the top of its field. To us, customer service means many things, including… outstanding service, superior products, making the customer feel valued, and also, rapid response times.

What do we mean by these? “Well, outstanding service means as soon as a customer walks through the door, they are looked after until they leave. This does not mean putting undue pressure on them to make a purchase, but instead, it means looking after them, listening to them if required, and assisting them through the whole process.

“Now, superior products means making sure the products we’re using for our service are the best they can be, and also resolving any issues quickly if things do go wrong. “Making the customer feel valued is not just about offering them the best prices or deals. It’s also about paying attention to what they want, listening to their concerns, answering any questions, and also following up after the purchase of service has been made to make sure everything is as expected.

“Now, rapid response times means responding to queries or complaints as fast as possible. There are too many businesses out there who take too long to respond to customer queries or complaints, and this often ends up leading to negative reviews or comments.

So, overall, customer service to us, is absolutely vital to making sure a business not only survives but also thrives and stays ahead of the competition. Now, if a customer is valued and looked after, they will not only come back time and time again, but they will also tell their friends and family about their positive experience with your company.

This is really going help you stand out above all of the competition and is something that is implemented by us at Heros!

Working In The Manchester Area

As proud residents of Manchester, our owners and staff members are all local people who love the City and have grown up here and know what local people like and expect from a carpet cleaning service. Value for money is the main concern of Manchester people so that is what we give them!

As a local company, we can often book you in faster or arrive at your property quickly for emergency issues like flooding or leaks on your carpet. Speed is the essence in situations like this and that is why you should employ a small local business like ourselves over a larger corporation or franchise company.

Manchester is a vibrant city that is an important part of the North West. The company loves to work throughout the city, in its many suburbs, cleaning carpets for loyal customers who re-book time after time. The business has built up this loyal following by being ultra-professional and competing on both price and also quality. No competitor can beat Heros CarpetClean Manchester for efficiency, expertise or professionalism!

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