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About Us

Heros Carpet Clean is a cleaning company specialising in carpet cleaning. Due to the use and type of material, rugs and carpets are more subject to mites and bacteria

Every time your employees and customers step on your carpets, they leave garbage and waste particles that accumulate. Over time, this garbage will travel through the air, that surrounds it.

To keep your company's rugs and carpets hygienic and free of mites and bacteria, Heros carpet cleaning service is required. Your customers will thank you, and your employees will thank you.

The carpet cleaning is made through steam engines and a sophisticated system that guarantees the elimination of all mites and bacteria housed in their rugs and carpets.

About us

To avoid the appearance of new fungi and bacteria, our professionals ensure the carpet’s drying immediately after cleaning.

At Heros Carpet Clean, you can also opt for a traditional carpet cleaning or an ecological carpet and carpet cleaning service, which uses only biodegradable products. We guarantee the highest quality carpet cleaning in both services.

The cleaning and disinfection of rugs and carpets are a specialty of our services and require special techniques and equipment for a well-executed job. Preferably, it is done on the spot, but we can pick it up if there is any impediment. It only takes a few hours to dry, and everything is clean and disinfected. The care in the various fabrics and the specific detergent to be used is essential and requires some experience in its execution. Most stains are removed from rugs and carpets with our expertise and our disinfecting methods and washing dirt and debris. Your rugs and carpets can become a reservoir of dust, mites, and bacteria without proper hygiene, cleaning, and washing.

Advantages of our service:

  • Excellent removal of dirt and ingrained stains.
  • Significant improvement in the appearance of your carpet.
  • Mite removal.
  • Safe and biodegradable products.

Service performed on-site and at our facilities. Carpet cleaning company aims to keep the place away from dirt and, consequently, away from microorganisms. A carpet cleaning company can offer the service in the following ways: cleaning / dry cleaning, semi-wet cleaning, and steam cleaning.

The indication is that the carpet cleaning company’s service is done within a period of 6 months to 1 year. The carpet cleaning company offers services in three different ways; they are Semi-humid hygiene: first, the entire carpet is vacuumed with a high suction device; then the washing is performed with soft bristle equipment, which inserts a product that helps to remove dirt and stains, continuing the extraction phase through an extractor that extracts the product previously applied with water, facilitating and speeding up the drying.

Steam cleaning: first, the entire carpet is vacuumed using a high suction device, then the equipment is used by inserting steam at 160 ° degrees, simultaneously removing all residue. This process does not damage the carpet and allows quick drying.

Hydrogenation / dry cleaning: it is performed through the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning system (last generation system). First, vacuum the entire carpet using a high suction device; after spraying a product with excellent cleaning power and quick-drying; then, the rotating brushes scrub the work, cleaning and dissolving all the dirt, ending with the removal of the product using equipment that completely sucks it, allowing the use of the carpet at the end of the services.

After all, we have Cleaning and Sanitising Solutions for carpets, upholstery, and mattresses. Also, we guarantee our customers a clean and hygienic environment, eliminating fungi, mites, and bacteria, responsible for allergic and respiratory diseases. Therefore, we provide dry cleaning services with 100% effective and proven results.

Our cleaning system eliminates accumulated dirt from day today. Also, we perform deep cleaning and restorative hygiene, leaving the environments clean and revitalised. Carpet retains dust and other contaminants present in the background, such as dust mites and various types of bacteria that bring different respiratory diseases.

Carpet can be cleaned without interdicting the establishment for maintenance to circulate generally on the area already sanitised after cleaning. The HOST system is developed in a “dry extraction” manner (dry extraction) and designed to restore and clean daily maintenance. With maintenance, the cost-benefit falls more than half compared to a single cleaning.


At Heros Carpet Customers. When a company’s service demands carpet and upholstery cleaning, we will evaluate the best system to serve you best. Flexibility is the word! There are several different systems for your carpet or upholstery to be clean, the way it should be! It has been nine years meeting the demands of all sizes, from small residences to large companies and hotels. Each customer is served in a unique and personalised way. Today you find several different systems for washing carpets on the market, but only Clean Carpet has the know-how and experience to define the best for you!

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